Why I Haven’t Posted and the Elephant Who Draws Better than Me

August 21, 2009

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Why I haven’t posted on this blog since – a long time ago:

  1. I was busy
  2. I didn’t have time
  3. I had a lot to do
  4. I was doing other things
  5. It fell off the calendar
  6. I had a lot going on
  7. Work got in the way

The good news … I now have two kittens.  Kokonut has long since stopped attacking his adopted kid-sister, Nutmeg, at any moment of proximity – that’s how long it has been since I posted here.  Nutmeg is finally potty trained (a miracle in itself), is no longer throwing up … and she even has a name.  I think I went through about 5 names before I settled on “Nutmeg.” She does not look remotely like that particular spice, she is black and white (and drop-dead gorgeous).  But “Nutmeg” works, and I like calling her “Nut.”

My kittens could probably be considered somewhat spoiled, as they have raw meat, usually chicken liver, for breakfast every morning.  But I simply consider that no feline creature was made for a diet of dry carbohydrates.  And not only that, the chicken liver at Safeway is cheaper than the wet cat food I was buying before!

I could say a lot more.  I could give you a better recap of … other parts of life.  I just … am still … trying to catch up, on all  my incomplete projects.

Not to mention the fact that I only have a couple of months to finish my photography course before the deadline.

Or maybe my “monthly post” idea should become “semi-annual posts.”  Or annual posts?  Or how about, once every two years … wasn’t there a word for that?

No, seriously.  I do aim to one day start posting perennially.

I also aim to one day post my cat pictures – as is the original, most traditional, and most time-honored purpose of blogging.

As I write, nutmeg has come across a rather unfortunate twist-tie, covered in thick red paper, which is now under full onslaught.  Ah … she is carrying it away in her teeth now, looking back and forth to make sure no competing predators try to steal it from her.  Oh!  Koko has approached her  …  Hiss, growl, stay away from my twist-tie!

This is the first time I have seen Nutmeg growl.  Koko is still twice her size so it is always amusing when I see her scare him off.

Okay, now, to get on with it.  The real purpose of my post.  I want to tell you about the elephant who draws better than me.

Now, I admit it, that’s not saying much.  I mean, really no competition there.  Some people were born to draw, I was not.

But this elephant has won my full admiration and I would love to hire him (or her) as my graphics designer.

Some critics insist this is not really an elephant. After all, their brains are smaller. I agree that it would help if one could see the elphant better, and not just the trunk. But I find it very amusing, if not a little sick and sad, that some people still think that a brain, or the size thereof, has anything to do with thought. But, I digress. Maybe I will save that for another post – perhaps next year’s. 🙂

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3 Responses to “Why I Haven’t Posted and the Elephant Who Draws Better than Me”

  1. Dave Doolin Says:

    “Biannual” I believe is the word your looking for.
    .-= Dave Doolin´s last blog ..WIAW Week in Review: August 15 – August 21 =-.

  2. Anna Says:

    You know, that’s what I thought! I had that word there originally – then I checked the definition to make sure, and it said it meant the same thing as semi-annual …

    But I think you are right.

  3. Anna Says:

    It is “biannual.” Which was what I wrote originally. But so many people used “biannual” for semi-annual that the brilliant dictionaries started modifying their definitions to fix the misconceptions. God, that’s stupid.

    In any case, another workable word which seems to have escaped this distortion is “biennial.” (Thank you to my anonymous word-donor.)

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