Someone Else’s Crime in a Song

April 29, 2009

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I wrote this poem in May 2008, and recently a man in Berlin made it into a song, which you can find at Liquid Sounds.


Someone Else’s Crime

I will grow tomatoes
When you’ve set me free.
I will live at home in peace
Where all will let me be.

I will wake up cheerful
In the morning to the sun.
I will feel at peace at last,
Once my Freedom’s won.

I have been imprisoned here
For someone else’s crime.
I have lived my life in fear,
And I have done my time.

All I want, is to feel safe –
Relaxed and calm and free.
I have been good, to fellow men.
Why aren’t they good to me?

I try to keep my head up high,
Imagining the day
When I will be allowed to fly,
When I will go away,

And wrap myself in someone’s arms
Who knows me as I am.
I try to think about that day,
As hard as try I can …

I will wake up smiling,
In the morning sun.
I will kiss the one I love, and
Once this battle’s done …

I will grow tomatoes in
My garden in the grass,
And tie my hair behind my head …
And when this storm has passed,

I will sit up late at night
With cats and cups of tea,
I will live no more in fright
Once I have been set free.

I only want this misery
And fear and pain to end.
I only want a life at peace
Surrounded by my friends.

But that will be another day.
Today I must remain
Within the madness of this place
In fear, and hope, and pain.

But always, I hold up my head,
Imagining the day
When I will be allowed to go,
When I will fly away …

Not now. It isn’t over yet
I must sit out my time,
As I have done, for all these years,
For someone else’s crime.


– by Anna Vera Williams

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10 Responses to “Someone Else’s Crime in a Song”

  1. Bill Wagner Says:

    I want to HEAR it!

  2. Anna Says:

    Then click the link.

  3. Dustin Says:

    I tried to listen to it and the page wouldn’t load!

  4. Anna Says:

    Strange – first time I have heard of it. Maybe try back again later? If it still doesn’t work we can contact the webmaster.

  5. Raton Says:

    Hi Dustin
    May just try to download the song with a right click on the link (save target to …) and use your favorite music program to listen to it.

  6. Sylwia Says:

    Hey Anna
    I’m doing a paper for my english class about a human rights poem and decided to pick your poem. I am however having trouble explaining it in my own words. I was wondering if you can help me explain more about what it means??

  7. Sylwia Says:

    The reason I’m asking for your help is because i dont like being wrong and i want to be sure I have the right idea about what it means.

  8. Anna Says:

    Hi, I am happy that you are using my poem. It is basically about a person who has been in prison for a long time for a crime he did not commit, is having a rough time of it, and is looking forward to being released and returning to his home and family. Is that what you understood?

  9. Sylwia Says:

    Thanks so much and yes that was what I understood.

  10. subin Says:

    please give me a short summary of this poem to my e-mail id.i wannt it soon.

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