Rain, Rabbits, and a Creaky House

March 3, 2009

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Feeding Celery to a Rabbit
Feeding Celery to a Rabbit in Pacific City, Oregon

When you say the word “rain forest” to many people, they instantly get the concept of a tropical rain forest.

Not all rain forests are tropical. I live in a rain forest in the Pacific Northwest. Its very non-tropical, and its very rainy.

Living in a forest bears many advantages. My Internet connection is not one of those advantages. The connection is via satellite, and it is not fast. It also goes dead under certain atmospheric conditions – like rain.

Yesterday I fought with my connection throughout the day, struggling to get or stay online. Finally I saw it as futile, and decided to spend my time on more fruitful pursuits – its not like I don’t have plenty to do offline as well.

Late at night, when I was almost asleep, the silence of the house was suddenly broken by a creaking sound. My bedroom door was suddenly moving, for no reason. Then the wall beside the outside door would creak, as if someone were standing right outside my bedroom, leaning against my house. That was what it sounded like!

I tried to convince myself that no one was really standing outside my door in the rain, occasionally leaning against my wall. But it really sounded like it. And sometimes when you are alone in a room, in a stormy dark forest, in the middle of the night, logic evades you … well, if you are not a girl you probably have never had that problem, or would never admit it if you did.

I was just falling asleep, you see … I was nearly asleep, and then the door just moved. And after a long silence, it did it again. And … again … creek … but there was no ghost in the room. That was obvious. Which was almost scarier than if there had been a ghost.

Of course I know it was the wind and the rain causing the house to fuss and fidget. But it just really sounded like a man standing outside my door. And leaning.

For a while I couldn’t move. I was just frozen in the bed in terror, like a rabbit in the road. I just lay there.

Finally after what seemed like … a long time, I managed to get up and check my lock. A few times. Then I went upstairs to the kitchen, and stood there. In the middle of the kitchen. Because it felt a bit safer in the kitchen. But I realized I could not stand in the middle of the kitchen all night. I had to go back downstairs to my scary bedroom with the creeking door and the man leaning against my wall.

Back in my bed, I lay in silent terror. I thought about just starting up my laptop and going back to work. But alas, that would just put me in front of the window, with the light on and all … an easy target. At least gun fire through my window would likely miss me, if I stayed in my bed.

I swear to god, sometimes I think my late-night logic reminds me of being in kindergarten.

I don’t know how, but I finally forced myself to reason.

First of all, if there were an intruder standing on the grass outside my bedroom door (occasionally leaning against the house), the motion detector would have turned the lights on. Secondly, this person would not still be standing there, doing nothing (other than leaning against the house occasionally) for hours. But above all, no one in their right mind would choose a night like tonight to besiege my bedroom. It was windy and raining like crazy. The person would have had to drive down a long windy road into the middle of nowhere, and then walk up a long driveway, in the wind and rain, only to then come and stand outside my bedroom door and occassionally lean against my house. The probabilities were against it.

Therefore I finally deducted that the creaking sounds and the occasional movements of the door were not being caused by a strange man standing outside my bedroom and occasionally leaning against my wall. But more likely, by the wind, the rain, the condensation, and the changing temperatures, which were causing the house to unsettle and shift. With that in mind, I finally forced my mind to other thoughts, and went to sleep.

The next day when I woke up, the sky was blue with white clouds, and the weather was pretty. Not dark and rainy anymore. I got a ride to the Internet cafe by the beach, where I could watch the waves crash, and get some work done. The speed of the Internet connection was astounding, in comparison to what I was used to at home.

Feeding Celery to Black RabbitIn the evening, just before getting in the car to go home, I fed the rabbits. Behind the cafe there is an RV Park and campground, and in this campground there are wild rabbits. But they are tame. When you approach these rabbits, they don’t run away, they run toward you. Or they hop. They want food. I brought cabbage.

I handed a bit of cabbage to the first taker. He ran off with it – and the rest of the rabbits followed him! To fight over his cabbage. Instead of getting more from me. Finally they came to their senses and they came back to me for cabbage.

They were very eager to get the cabbage. I was kneeling in the grass doling it out to them, one by one, and they would hop up into my lap to get that cabbage. I loved feeding the rabbits.

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