Someone Else’s Crime

It is about injustice.

Tomatoes Growing on VineSomeone Else’s Crime

I will grow tomatoes
When you’ve set me free.
I will live at home in peace
Where all will let me be.

I will wake up cheerful
In the morning to the sun.
I will feel at peace at last,
Once my Freedom’s won.

I have been imprisoned here
For someone else’s crime.
I have lived my life in fear,
And I have done my time.

All I want, is to feel safe –
Relaxed and calm and free.
I have been good, to fellow men.
Why aren’t they good to me?

I try to keep my head up high,
Imagining the day
When I will be allowed to fly,
When I will go away,

And wrap myself in someone’s arms
Who knows me as I am.
I try to think about that day,
As hard as try I can …

I will wake up smiling,
In the morning sun.
I will kiss the one I love, and
Once this battle’s done …

I will grow tomatoes in
My garden in the grass,
And tie my hair behind my head …
And when this storm has passed,

I will sit up late at night
With cats and cups of tea,
I will live no more in fright
Once I have been set free.

I only want this misery
And fear and pain to end.
I only want a life at peace
Surrounded by my friends.

But that will be another day.
Today I must remain
Within the madness of this place
In fear, and hope, and pain.

But always, I hold up my head,
Imagining the day
When I will be allowed to go,
When I will fly away …

Not now. It isn’t over yet
I must sit out my time,
As I have done, for all these years,
For someone else’s crime.

– Written by Anna Vera Williams at Age 33

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10 Responses to “Someone Else’s Crime”

  1. paisley Says:

    it is almost surrealistic that anyone should have to speak such words.. we as american’s find it hard to relate to anyone that just wants to be free,, when all our lives,, if we have been nothing else,, we have been free… very thought provoking poem….

  2. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    Thanks for the reminder of the Day of Blogging for Human Rights. Good poem to post as a reminder too,

  3. Anna Says:

    Thank you! C. Elizabeth, I just found your other blog, I will get back with you.

  4. Maya Says:

    I like the tomato touch! It adds a lot to the poem. You definitely inspire me to contribute!

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I’m so glad you liked it. I’m also going to try and be more regular now, so keep checking back!!
    How can I exchange links with you? You gave me 3 links, which one should I put on my blog?
    You can get back to me via e-mail or by commenting on my blog.

  5. Dave Donelson Says:

    Very nice expression of your thoughts on human rights.

    Dave Donelson, author of Heart of Diamonds

  6. Sylwia Says:

    Just curious what is the tomato supposed to symbolize? Don’t get me wrong it sounds great in the poem and very original but I was just wondering. So I know how to explain it for my english paper

  7. Anna Says:

    It doesn’t symbolize anything in particular. People in these situations often have certain pictures of things they miss, or wish they could do. For this person, he is imagining growing tomatoes. For someone else, it might have been anything … hope that makes sense.

  8. Sylwia Says:

    Oh I understand. Thanks this helps me a lot.

  9. bonsai tree seed Says:

    Your blog offers great insight on human right, nice poetry. i will check back regulary for you updates. regards
    .-= bonsai tree seed´s last blog ..Start a Bonsai Project with a Bonsai Tree Seed =-.


    Dear Anna, Your poems are wonderful.your site is gorgeous.
    yours lovingly,

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