My heart remembers
The smell of the sun.
Barely, the embers
Have buried but one
Of my fading desires –
They lie hidden in fires
Of faraway glances
And agonized dances
That my memories mock.
I have no wish to talk
When I can’t bear the pain
And I never feel rain,
For I can’t leave this town
Till my madness dies down.
And I can’t leave this hell
Till I murder this spell.

Often I cried
When I looked outside
And saw only the street,
With no earth in my feet
And no wind in my hair.
I see no way to bear
Never to go
To the people I know,
And the places I love,
And the dreams I dreamed of.

I think with my head
And not with my heart;
And as, at the moment,
The two are apart,
Then if you should read this,
Since nobody needs this,
I beg and implore
That you should ignore
What I said on a day
When I’d nothing to say.

I’ve no wish to wonder,
And no wish to cry.
I’ve no wish to ponder,
And no wish to die,
Only to run away…
Only to fly.

– Written by Anna Williams at Age 21

About Anna

Anna Vera Williams is a poet, a photographer, a blogger, and a webmaster. She is the webmaster of Poems, Poets, & Poetry, which provides poetry resources and allows other poets to showcase their work. Her photographs can be found at Anna Vera's Photography, and her books and photos can be purchased at

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One Response to “Runaway”

  1. janetleigh Says:

    Runaway plays my heart strings like Pachelbel’s plucking violin, Anna. I find your poems are like small fires spreading across the plain of desire; I feel I’m approaching a bonfire..:)

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