I Wish My Husband Were Online

November 13, 2007

Age 31 - Age 35, Love Poems

I wish my husband were online
If he were here, I would be fine.
I wish he would turn on his phone.
I sit at night, I’m all alone.

I wish he would come home to me.
Its been a year, too long, you see.
I can not bear another day.
I wish he hadn’t gone away.

And when I cry, he can’t get mad,
Nor say I want him to feel bad.
Because he is so far away.
I wish he would come home and stay.

I wish that when I woke at night
And couldn’t sleep, he’d hold me tight.
And kiss me on my eyes and face.
And crush my bones with his embrace.

And calm my heart. And laugh away,
The torments of these insane ways,
That follow me wher’er I go.
I miss him and I love him so.

My poem is a corny rhyme
Because I have not so much time.
My stomach lurches, my hands shake
I wish I was too hard to break.

I wish I was like him, so calm.
Even when these things go wrong.
Happy, strong, and carefree too.
I say, “One day, I’ll be like you.”

Which day that is, I cannot see.
I want to feel alive and free.
And never sleep again alone.
I wish my husband would come home.

Written by Anna Vera Williams in Autumn 2007

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12 Responses to “I Wish My Husband Were Online”

  1. paisley Says:

    do they have broadband in “heaven”???

  2. Anna Says:

    Wait a few years, paisly, you never know these days.

  3. noahthegreat Says:

    Why would they have broadband?

    Fiber optics for the win!

  4. writerwoman Says:

    Very fitting for Valentine’s day. Much longing evident within those lines.

  5. janetleigh Says:

    This poem is heartbreaking in many ways. Aching for his touch and being overwhelmed by emotions is palpable here. I get a sense that the husband is away at war. Very nicely written, Anna.

  6. Ali Says:

    We have much in common –even if only in thought and emotion. I can relate to this one.

  7. Ali Shwedo Says:

    Anna, I’m not sure how you found me, but I’ve really enjoyed your thoughts tonight. I didn’t thank you for the excellent award –still amazed you included me among paisley and others. Point being…I’ve added you to my list of peeps so I can continue to delight in not only this site –but YOUR poetry. Splendid! Ali

  8. girisim Says:

    Very fitting for Valentine’s day. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Sterling Lyall Says:

    Hey, great blog…but I don’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader, if I can figure out how to get it to work…LOL 🙂

  10. Marty Says:

    Very lovely. I shared this with my wife today.

  11. bored Says:

    Your writer has presented the views about this subject in a very thoughtful and detailed manner. Thank you for publishing the article and giving me something to think about on this topic. This is primo.

  12. Bryan Says:

    very impressive and easy to understand,English is not my mother language but I feel the feelings deeply……….

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