The Divorce

Keep safe distance.
Cite your claims.
Let the fog
Enshroud your shame.

Yield no whisper
Of remorse,
Give no sign
That you endorse

The fables of
The ancient wives,
Who kept their men
And lived their lives ..

The crossing bears
No one-way bar.
But shut your eyes,
And touch your scar,

Remember what
The madman said.
You just live once,
And then you’re dead,

And happiness
Is all a myth,
The road ahead
Is clouded with

Who can’t be changed.
So label them.
They can be named.

The madman said
You can’t repair
Your love or life …
But you’re aware

Deep down below
The cloud of cries,
That life holds hope
That these are lies …

The choice is yours,
To live or burn,
To hear the lies
Or to return.

– Written by Anna Williams at age 32

This free poem is a Found Poem, written per the prompt at stoney moss: Found Poetry.

The item used to “find” this poem was the DMV Driver’s Manual.

P.S. No marriages were harmed in the making of this poem. I have no idea where I came up with the idea for the poem to be about a divorce. Maybe it was the DMV manual’s idea.

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15 Responses to “The Divorce”

  1. Deborah Vatcher Says:

    This is great! I had fun writing a found poem on my site too.

  2. Whirling Dervish Says:

    Wow, Anna- that is fantastic. Your ability to find a poem like this in the DMV is great. I am surprised it has words like monstrosity in there! It makes you look at these things (or all written material) totally differently now….

  3. writerwoman Says:

    But shut your eyes,
    And touch your scar

    Wow, I love that part.

    Its awesome that this poem started as random words in a DMV manual.

  4. Anna Says:

    Haha. No, “monstrosities” wasn’t in the DMV manual. I just picked some words and then kept writing, picked some more words and wrote more, etc. Like “keep safe distance,” “fog,” “cite,” “yield,” “crossing,” “one-way,” “road,” etc.

  5. _Soulless_ Says:

    A carefully woven piece, focused well on the idea in the title; and you’ve certainly pulled it off. I am promptly impressed.


  6. Ario Says:

    Agree with everyone above. This works very well. There are some interesting rhyming connections there that made me think and propel the poem on nicely from the start: claims and shame and remorse and endorse for example.

    Label them, they can be named: stood out for me for some reason.

    Again, one of those well crafted and exquisitely structured poems of yours.

    (pssst…note a little typo btw: your dead should be you’re dead hope you don’t mind me mentioning it…I think you’re like me and would like to know:))

  7. janetleigh Says:

    I love this, Anna. This is a little different than your others in that the lines are way shorter and dem thangs rhyme, too ;> but your rhyming pairs are great, especially:

    claims and shame
    remorse and endorse

    and the following are great lines, too:

    “shut your eyes, And touch your scar,”
    “Remember what the madman said.”
    and then repeating “The madman said”

    All in all, this is a great read and it’s amazing you did this while driving..;>

  8. Brian Says:

    Keep safe distance.
    Cite your claims.
    Let the fog
    Enshroud your shame.

    that just set up everything so nicely… a great balance between emotion of love, and the sterility of a contract. nicely done.

  9. Uncontested Divorce Forms Says:

    I’m curious, Who is the madman in the poem? I’d love to get a discussion going here. Thoughts?
    .-= Uncontested Divorce Forms´s last blog ..Child Custody Forms, A Tricky Subject =-.

  10. Anna Says:

    @Uncontested – The madman in this story is the local psychiatrist.

  11. Bryon Gunter Says:

    Learn how to save your marriage from infidelity and avoid divorce.

  12. Mary Says:

    Though I felt a little sad at the beginning because of the topic “divorce” and some sentences, such as “You just live once,
    and then you’re dead, and happiness is all a myth, the road ahead is clouded with monstrosities”. However, the last strophe “The choice is yours, To live or burn, To hear the lies Or to return” which is also my favourite brought me back to brightness. That is, the choice is make by us, we always have the right to choose.

  13. Rosema Says:

    I dont know how to say it but this is very interesting..Very unique poem..

  14. Cecil W. Gall Says:

    No one has ever chosen to be born or to live a life full of uncertainties. But once life springs forth, a man must face whatever plight he has at hand. There is no turning back, only a destination he cannot pass. Your poem is a vivid presentation of an emotion manifested by a human being in search for a kind of relief that only God can give.

  15. Jayson Says:

    i really like the poem! I can feel the emotions because i can relate to it. i thought i was already a stone, that i can no longer be moved by such things. but i was wrong. the pain came back again of having gone through this, but now i am thankful for it. atleast i am reminded how aweful it was, and im not coming back to it.

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