August 11, 2007

Age 16 - Age 20, Love Poems

In the desert, in October,
All my thoughts were sane and sober.
When I met you it was over.
…You went away, before too long.

I left, the day you disappeared,
To the mountains, sharp and sheer,
Where the air was cold and clear…
I thought I’d lost you; thought you’d gone.

I recall I heard a sound,
You said my name, I turned around,
Long ago, the night you found me,
When you came to Tashkurgan.

I wrapped myself in your embrace,
And while you slept, I watched your face,
Wondering if this was the place
Where I could stay. Where I’d belong.

I recall the night I cried
Because the people said you lied,
And the quiet way you tried
To tell me that it wasn’t true;

And in Gulmit, I spoke coldly.
I recall the things you told me.
That night you only came to hold me,
But I was afraid of you.

Days went by, the sky grew white,
You came to me no more at night,
I could not smile, I could not write.
Flames of pain within me burned.

I swore I would drown the embers.
I swore I would not remember.
And I left you, in December.
I swore I would not return.

I recall the things you said.
Your voice was harsh. Your heart was dead.
Songs of sadness filled my head,
And again I was alone.

Years have passed. I feel the same.
I recall the night you came
To Tashkurgan and said my name,
Long before you turned to stone.

In a distant desert town,
I sat on the dusty ground.
I was happy, till you found me,
And my eyes were bright and blue.

When my heart is filled with thunder
In the night, I sometimes wonder
How you tore my world asunder
…Why I still remember you.

Now I read these words you write,
And I lie awake at night,
Wondering if I ever might
Travel back to Tashkurgan.

I recall the day it started,
And the silent way we parted.
I swore I was not broken-hearted –
I imagine I was wrong.

– Written by Anna Williams at Age 22

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2 Responses to “Tashkurgan”

  1. Ario Says:


    Stringent rhyme scheme and rhythm. Very compact and it flows nicely.

    Good stuff.

  2. writerwoman Says:

    This is a gorgeous stanza:

    When my heart is filled with thunder
    In the night, I sometimes wonder
    How you tore my world asunder
    …Why I still remember you

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