Blue Balloons

Into the captivity of your heart,
We let our blue balloons depart;
Into the twilight of the sky.
Into the night. Where our shadows still fly.

Three years later, too far from the sea,
Having escaped, having broke free,
No longer a lone poet, surrounded by boors,
I felt a lone virgin, surrounded by whores.

And now our balloons may have never been found,
Lying untouched, as I was, on the ground,
But still hold their meaning, in unwritten words,
Hopefully not having killed any birds.

I faded in comforted silence at last.
Silence like crystal. Silence like the past.
Steeped and forsaken, quiet anesthesia,
In the ambrosia of violent amnesia.

― Written by Anna Vera Williams at Age 17
Washington, D.C.


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Anna Vera Williams is a poet, a photographer, a blogger, and a webmaster. She is the webmaster of Poems, Poets, & Poetry, which provides poetry resources and allows other poets to showcase their work. Her photographs can be found at Anna Vera's Photography, and her books and photos can be purchased at

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One Response to “Blue Balloons”

  1. writerwoman Says:

    I like this part:

    Silence like crystal. Silence like the past.


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