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Where is the Cavalry

February 15, 2008


Where is the cavalry I’m all alone Standing at ramparts Of crumbling stone. And my back wants to break, My head wants to scream. Let me awake From this maddening dream. The ramparts are shaking The bricks want to fall My spirit is breaking I can’t hold them all … Please don’t forsake me, Please […]

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Please Miss Your Plane

February 6, 2008


Please miss your plane. I’m breaking glass Inside my head. If I bang my head Hard enough And long enough Into the wall, If I throw enough jars Around my room And crash them into Shards and hell, Would you make This be a dream. Wake me up. And then I’ll say “I had a […]

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The Divorce

November 20, 2007


Keep safe distance. Cite your claims. Let the fog Enshroud your shame. Yield no whisper Of remorse, Give no sign That you endorse The fables of The ancient wives, Who kept their men And lived their lives .. The crossing bears No one-way bar. But shut your eyes, And touch your scar, Remember what The […]

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I Wish My Husband Were Online

November 13, 2007


I wish my husband were online If he were here, I would be fine. I wish he would turn on his phone. I sit at night, I’m all alone. I wish he would come home to me. Its been a year, too long, you see. I can not bear another day. I wish he hadn’t […]

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A Crease in the Sheets

October 16, 2007


A crease in the sheets Looked just like your feet, But I knew you had left. So I straightened the bed. Half-hoping to find You were lying inside. I imagined you’d say That you’d got off the plane, You’d decided to stay. Or that maybe, you’d say That you’d had to return; Or that someone […]

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From Me

July 30, 2007


If you see a sunset, it’s me, smiling From behind it. If I go away far, and you see a star If you find it, I’m inside it. You can fold it, and hold it forever, If you hide it. If our words and worlds sever — if ever I lose you; If two thousand […]

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I Thought

July 23, 2007


I thought That I forgot. I thought I left you In my past. Years went by I thought the feeling died Inside At last. Then One day It came to me – So suddenly. So fast. – Written by Anna Williams at Age 22

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June 16, 2007


Since the sadly silent lives Of faded men, your voice revives. And the sight of God was naught Compared to what your knowledge brought To broken men, the world around… Hold your feet upon the ground.

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