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Let You Go

June 27, 2007

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Let you go and set you free Free Free to be from me. Let it lie Fly away. Forever more See the day Close the door. Forget the way I cling to you. Forget the love I bring to you. Happy happy you and me? Let you go and let you be Happy happy you […]

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Half a Hemisphere Away

June 22, 2007


Half a hemisphere away I hear the things You do not say. I hear the thundering of your heart. It tears my life and soul apart. It echoes in my head and ears, I tremble on the bed in tears, I see you sitting, far, alone, Silent like a block of stone, With your head […]

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November 30, -0001


Dance with me inside a dream Where red-tipped shadows play. Sit with me beside a stream Where silver birches sway In that same breeze that breathes across Black jagged mountain rock, But if you feel compelled to tell Me promises, don’t talk. Lie with me beneath the sky While midnight wears away, Watching shooting stars […]

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