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May 2, 2007

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I found your photo In a box. It didn’t move. It didn’t talk. And every day, I looked in vain, And every day, It stayed the same. It didn’t answer me, Or change. The lines across Your face remained Exactly where They’d been before. I hung your picture On a door, I lay my memories […]

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Elf Songs

December 6, 2006


I stand alone Beside the sea. I watch the winds Who follow me. Stars are silent In my heart, And the whole world Stands apart. I sing softly To myself, Humming elf songs From the shelf. People glance at Me and frown, Puzzled, frightened. I look down. People pass me By and they Cannot grasp […]

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What in the World

December 6, 2006


What in the world is going on? I have a feeling I am dead. What in the world is going on? I picked up a person and it said ouch. Everyone’s having fun without me. I’m as lonely as can be. Then along came a little pig and he said, “Did you forget I’m your […]

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November 30, -0001


Dance with me inside a dream Where red-tipped shadows play. Sit with me beside a stream Where silver birches sway In that same breeze that breathes across Black jagged mountain rock, But if you feel compelled to tell Me promises, don’t talk. Lie with me beneath the sky While midnight wears away, Watching shooting stars […]

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