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Thinking of Me

July 31, 2007


I hung up the phone, And then I went home, Knowing you were still thinking of me; I lay down for the night, And I turned out the light, But I knew you were thinking of me; So I lit up a candle Took a book from the mantle, And I read of the Antarctic […]

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Do You Ever Wish

July 22, 2007


Do you ever wish To paint your life In black and white, And hang some sad nostalgic music in the back, And put it on a TV screen For men in future years to see And say, “This must have been The way things used to be …” Do you ever walk the street And […]

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July 11, 2007


Neath a shrouded midnight star, Blinded by the blackened road, Riding endlessly and far Where the wind is hard and cold, By the river, long and deep, Where the wicked willows blow, Ill with pain and wanting sleep Where the frozen waters flow, Rider of the raging sea Roamer where the rivers roll, Weaver of […]

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Half a Hemisphere Away

June 22, 2007


Half a hemisphere away I hear the things You do not say. I hear the thundering of your heart. It tears my life and soul apart. It echoes in my head and ears, I tremble on the bed in tears, I see you sitting, far, alone, Silent like a block of stone, With your head […]

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May 2, 2007

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I found your photo In a box. It didn’t move. It didn’t talk. And every day, I looked in vain, And every day, It stayed the same. It didn’t answer me, Or change. The lines across Your face remained Exactly where They’d been before. I hung your picture On a door, I lay my memories […]

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Dust in the Earth

April 11, 2007


Yours is the voice of the enemy – Cold is your clutch on my soul. Strange are the words pouring emptily – Telling me why you should go. And my blood courses, rich and volcanic; It pulses and quickens my breath, For you leave me for reasons Satanic; You leave me to follow your death. […]

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