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Anna Vera Williams is a poet, a photographer, a blogger, and a webmaster. She is the webmaster of Poems, Poets, & Poetry, which provides poetry resources and allows other poets to showcase their work. Her photographs can be found at Anna Vera's Photography, and her books and photos can be purchased at


May 11, 2009


For a long time I have wanted to have my own personal blog which would contain only my own poetry, my photographs, and even maybe some of my thoughts. I have several poetry websites which contain my own poetry, as well as poetry written by others. But, until now, I have never had a poetry […]

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Someone Else’s Crime

May 9, 2008


It is about injustice. Someone Else’s Crime I will grow tomatoes When you’ve set me free. I will live at home in peace Where all will let me be. I will wake up cheerful In the morning to the sun. I will feel at peace at last, Once my Freedom’s won. I have been imprisoned […]

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