Riding My Bike

My wheels don’t seem to touch the road
As I fly through the wind.
When I look down,
The road flashes by.
When I look up,
The world is slow motion again,
And I swerve a corner,
Almost floating.

– Written by Anna V. Williams at age 10
Barnstable, Massechusetts

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About Anna

Anna Vera Williams is a poet, a photographer, a blogger, and a webmaster. She is the webmaster of Poems, Poets, & Poetry, which provides poetry resources and allows other poets to showcase their work. Her photographs can be found at Anna Vera's Photography, and her books and photos can be purchased at Lulu.com.

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4 Responses to “Riding My Bike”

  1. writerwoman Says:

    It is quite impressive that you could so beautifully describe this simple pleasure of biking at ten years old.

    My work was very silly at that age, but yours is promising.

  2. susan Says:

    Like the images and room to pull in my own experiences here.

  3. FCW Says:

    How interesting and impressive you made this at your ten years of age. I often wonder what are the thinking of that age…

  4. Emma Says:

    simple words that express strong emotions, considering the age at which they were written

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