June 16, 2007

Age 21 - Age 25

Since the sadly silent lives
Of faded men, your voice revives.
And the sight of God was naught
Compared to what your knowledge brought
To broken men, the world around…
Hold your feet upon the ground.

Might your memories refrain
From repeating one soul’s name,
Who so long ago has left?
Must you yet remain bereft?

As the answers you once yearned
Have been conquered, have been learned,
You would turn your head in Treason
If you wept now, without reason
If you bent your head in shame
And succumbed to earthly pain.

Look beyond the blue horizon.
Steel yourself don’t gasp and grieve,
If you dare to cast your eyes on
Laughter; if you dare believe
In anything you yearn to be,
In any chance you choose to take;
If you believe you can be free;
If you’ve a promise left to break.
I won’t forget. I can’t allow,
At all eternities expense,
My broken heart to whisper now
And shatter me with innocence.

If I met truth and turned away
And left the world to sink in slavery,
I would have nothing left to say …
I would have no words left to write,
And my whole life would be a lie.
… And here I fight, and here I fight.
I shan’t allow my world to die.

– Written by Anna Vera Williams at Age 21

Originally posted at Free Poems.

@ Copyright 1996

This poem may not be used without the permission of the author.

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