View from Trotsky Castle

View from Trotsky Castle (Trotsky Hrad) in Czech Paradise

View from Trotsky Castle (Trotsky Hrad) in Czech Paradise (Cesky Raj), Bohemia, Czech Republic.

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4 Responses to “View from Trotsky Castle”

  1. Photography Luna says:

    Besides the great view, with the great light, I also love the way you framed the image through the window. This really works!!!

  2. Anna says:

    Thanks – yes this was one of my favorite views. I really loved getting this shot.

  3. Anna says:

    my family owns this castle thank you very much. thanx for the coments. if you want any history or anything then just let me know.
    and anna, nice hearing from you again. how’s the children

  4. Anna says:

    Hello Anna,

    Somehow I never saw this comment until now. I’m so sorry for the delayed response. Yes I would love to hear more about the history of that castle. It was truly one of my favorite castles in Europe if not my favorite. I have more pictures somewhere I think, and I should find them and post them too some day. I also hope to go back there!

    How did you know I was there with children?

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