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If you are following this blog, I have to say, I’m truly sorry I don’t post more often.  But, considering that I am posting more often now, than I was before, I suppose I actually am posting “more often.”  In fact, I posted 4 times from March till June, which is an increase over my past record, of three posts from November till March.

I am experimenting with integrating Twitter with this blog.  Since I sometimes do have 30 seconds to update my Twitter status even if I don’t have time to write a full post.  (Which is, after all, why people love Twitter so much.)  However I think I will turn of the Twitter comment integration, it doesn’t seem to really work.  If you would like to follow me at Twitter, you can find me @annavwilliams.

In any case, since I last posted on this blog, I have:

  • Added several photos to my new photoblog, Anna Vera’s Photos.
  • Begun to exhume old photos from my hard drive and post them, and am gradually chipping away at the backlog.
  • Put up my poetry blog, Anna Vera’s Poems.
  • Attended the Reach the Beach event in Pacific City and watched the bikers come into the finish line.
  • Hiked to Cascade Head and then to Hart’s Cove, where I photographed the forest and the coast, but also underestimated the length of the walk to Hart’s Cove, was hours late getting back, considered spending the night in the forest, and could barely walk for two days.
  • Got my shoes drenched twice, once in mud-water, once in the sea.
  • Fed the rabbits behind the Internet Cafe.
  • Visited beaches at Bob Straub State Park, Cape Kiwanda, and Neskowin, and worked on my photograph collection.
  • Coined a new acronym – YAHRP, which means “Yet another Haystack Rock Picture.”
  • Realized that it is nearly impossible to get a photograph anywhere along the coast, between Cascade Head and Cape Lookout, without Haystack Rock appearing somewhere in that photo.
  • Started sorting through YAHRPs and choosing my favorites so that I could stash the rest away, out of sight.
  • Attended my niece’s theatre performance in Portland.
  • Found an amazing “secret beach” which has a very climbable rock and its own sea cave, near my home but relatively hidden.
  • Attended the June 6 Blessing of the Fleet in Pacific City, and paid tribute to 14 fishermen of the dory fleet who lost their lives at sea this year, amidst songs and prayers for better safety of the fishermen in the months to come.
  • Worked on dozens of other websites and Internet Marketing projects (the details would bore you).
  • Completed three lessons of the New York Institute of Photography Course.
  • Drank a lot of coffee and tea.
  • Extended my running habits past the mailbox and down the street.
  • Found a long and virtually car-less road up the hill and into the forest, very near home.
  • Have found the increased sitings of coyotes and their tracks near the house to be disturbing.
  • Practiced the portrait photography I am reading about.
  • Contributed photos of my local area to the Chamber of Commerce website (you can see them there at Pacific City Chamber of Commerce – but you sometimes have to refresh the page as a different photo loads every time).
  • Oh – walked down the cliff beside my bedroom, to visit the waterfall, twice.  The second time I got completely lost and stuck between river and cliff, and almost could not get home, surrounded by grasses taller than me, stinging nettles, spider webs, unstable ground, brambles, branches (rotting and otherwise), bees, and lost trails.
  • Journeyed to the other side of this property, via the land of two neighbors (now that our Bridge was washed away), and would have photographed the waterfall from that side, except that I forgot my camera (though not my camera bag).
  • Played with my sisters cat.

There.  I could tell you a lot more but I think this should suffice.  I hope you feel somewhat updated.  I will try to increase the frequency of my posting.  In the meanwhile, thank you for visiting my blog and I hope to see you again soon 🙂

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