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February 24, 2010

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Haystack Rock and Cape Kiwanda

Pacific City

A lot has happened since I last posted on this blog, but nothing that I felt like posting on this blog.  I suppose anything I had to say was either too personal, or too business.

My online business has been expanding and experiencing all varieties of twists and turns.  Living arrangements and long term plans have fluctuated accordingly.  At times it looked like we would be living in Portland, at other times it appeared we were moving to LA, and there were moments when Arizona, Texas, or even the mid-West were possibilities.  Where are we now?  Right back where we started.  Beautiful Pacific City on the Central Oregon Coast.  While situations somewhat beyond my immediate control are the reason for my current residence in the coastal forest near here, yet it stands that at the moment I am not complaining.  Not about my geographical location, in any case.

If you’ve ever read an advertisement concerning Internet Marketing you might have noticed that “Work from Home” is a big button for many people.  “Work online, so that you can work from home.”  “Work from Home.  Be Your Own Boss.”  Etc, etc, etc.

All I can say is, do these people have cats?

Nutmeg the Innocent

There are endless distractions at home.  Whether they be familial distractions, or the kitten who attaches to your arm and kneads mercilessly while you try to type.  (I’m not mentioning any names, just look at the picture -> ).

Well, I work online.  Granted.  I earn a sufficient income on my laptop to rely on no offline source of income.  Check.  Got that part of the picture all worked out.  Still working on the “millionaire” aspect of the equation.  Give me time.

But … work from home?  No.  There is no decent internet connection at home, and no chance of getting one.  And besides, Home is Where the Distraction Is.

Today is an important day for me, because today is the day I move into my new office, downtown in the great metropolis of Pacific City.  (Fishing village turned weekend getaway).  I would have moved earlier if my router had arrived … but we won’t go there right now.  The view from my second-story window is not as good as the view from the internet cafe by the beach, but that’s okay.  I can still see the top of Haystack Rock over the rooftops, as well as the Giant Sand Dune, the tip of Cape Kiwanda, and the mist.  (I believe the ocean would be visible, if not for the mist.)  Even better is the sound of seagulls.  I love seagulls.

It’s quiet in here right now.  There’s nothing but me, a few items of temporary furniture, and a couple of boxes.  The only sound is the seagulls, and my keyboard.  I’ve had a hard time writing over the last months, but sitting here, it suddenly seems so much easier.  I like it here.

Not only that, my internet connection here is fast.

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6 Responses to “Finally Something to Write About”

  1. Mikeal Says:

    I really enjoy your writing,it is from the heart, your life in the forest and the office in the old fishing vilage sound like an absolute dream to me!! Funny huh? You sound sad to be there but you remain?
    I also looked at your flickr photos, your poetry and the Nutmeg and Coco
    But what I really enjoyed was your wish list, I wish I had made the inet fortune I seek and I would have bought it all for you, just to get your attention. I’m a romantic like that.
    I also read your posting on yaros blog. I know about not enough time but the last two hours following your arts writing, photos personal blog etc. Has been the best two hours I have spent online since I can remember!!!! Thank you so much!!! I would love to get to know you better. If your game!!!

  2. Jeremy Craven@Homes in Brooklyn, New York Says:

    I enjoyed reading your article because I know a lot of people who work online and has made a very decent living out of it. And yes they say all the distractions are at home but they love it. 🙂

  3. Tariq Says:


    You are one of luckiest people who have success in online business, as many people tried in online business, but few had success.

  4. Octavian Says:

    I couldn’t live my life in the mountain, or by a forest or beach, though I would enjoy it for a few days in my vacation. I could take the laptop and work from home, now and then, like some of my workmates do, but I never did it because I do not believe in that. I live 30 minutes away by train from downtown Chicago, Willies Tower, and the multitude of people and the city pulse excites me, makes me feel I am alive, it makes me feel young all the time… though I might look different 🙂 Sometimes I go there alone, or with my wife just to drink a coffee, though I could drink it by my home. In order to get a decent job there were times when I had to go back to college, a different one, because I couldn’t validate my degree I earned it in Europe. I used to work full time in a warehouse and be a full time student in the evening but it was worth it… I love the office job and my workmates. I am sure that everyone can achieve whatever they desire, from home or office, if they want it badly enough…

  5. Rob Says:

    You still writing? Because you captivate me with the things you write. I have never seen someone like you write and look so sexy as you. you need to give us some more. Please email me some or post it……we need more of you!

  6. Megan Says:

    Yes, I’ll be back … I’m running three or four online businesses and it takes up so much time for me at the computer, that when I can get away from the screen I do. I’m learning to dance now in any of my spare moments, mostly Tango and Ballet. It’s hard to trade dancing time for writing time when I already spend so much time at the screen.

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