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Finally Something to Write About

February 24, 2010


A lot has happened since I last posted on this blog, but nothing that I felt like posting on this blog. I suppose anything I had to say was either too personal, or too business. My online business has been expanding and experiencing all varieties of twists and turns. Living arrangements and long term plans […]

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Why I Haven’t Posted and the Elephant Who Draws Better than Me

August 21, 2009


I want to tell you about the elephant who draws better than me. Now, I admit it, that’s not saying much. I mean, really no competition there. Some people were born to draw, some people weren’t.

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June 16, 2009


Yesterday at 8 am we left to drive to the city in search of kittens. We had specifically decided that we wanted to adopt a brother-and-sister pair. The first shelter we arrived at had no brother and sister pair (we thought). There were some beautiful black and white kittens, but they were all sisters. Each […]

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My Monthly Post

June 8, 2009


If you are following this blog, I have to say, I’m truly sorry I don’t post more often. But, considering that I am posting more often now, than I was before, I suppose I actually am posting “more often.” In fact, I posted 4 times from March till June, which is an increase over my […]

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My Photoblog is Up

May 12, 2009

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My photoblog is now up and running. There are still a lot of photos to add, but at least the blog is there, and that’s a start! If you would like to see it, you can find it at

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