Alarm Clock on Wings

April 28, 2009

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Almost every morning the robin redbreast tries to break into my bedroom window.  He flies at the window, backs up, and charges it again.  I’m not sure what he is trying to do – maybe trying to get me out of bed.  If I sit up and yell at him he goes away.

My mom says they do it on the upstairs windows as well but she has no idea why.  They act like a bird trying to get out, not like a bird trying to get in.  Continuously flying at the window over and over.  Its so funny!  It reminded her of the joke about the drunk man.  There is a tree with a fence around it.  The drunk man comes and shakes the fence, yelling, “Let me out!” And then keeps circling the fence shaking it and looking for an escape.

I love how many animals there are here.  If you first drive up the driveway it doesn’t seem like you are entering a zoo.  But if you live here, particularly if you work 12 hours a day at a laptop in front of a window which overlooks the valley, you see a lot. I have seen bald eagles fly by many times in the last few months – and the last time there were two of them,  flying maybe 25 meters in front of my window.  The white on their heads and backs is so bright!  Several nights of the week I hear coyotes howling.  And once, a couple of weeks ago, we saw one run by and cross our driveway in front of us, when we were on our way to Pacific City.  I found their tracks too – wasn’t sure what animal it was but when I looked it up online I found it had to be fox or coyote.  And since I haven’t heard any foxes, I can assume its coyote.  The vultures come more frequently, and sometimes a hawk.  But they aren’t as exciting as the eagles.

In the beginning of Spring time, the bats came out.  They surprised me because at twilight they were dive-bombing (probably for mosquitoes) in front of my window.  And then gallivanting around outside the dining room windows as well during dinner.  I am glad they eat mosquitoes although I wouldn’t mind if they ate more of them.  Its hard to recognize them at first and I didn’t know what they were when I first saw them.  They looked like shadows of falling, flapping birds.  Except in this case the birds would have been falling in the same place and in the same direction, over and over.

Then there was this funny and stupid little dear.  I was coming back from my daily run/walk to the mailbox (I’m such an athlete.)  I was in the “walking” portion of my journey.  A little dear came out of the forest and started to munch at bushes about 10 meters away.  Between him and me was nothing but grass and I couldn’t believe he didn’t see me.  He kept walking closer to me, munching away, so I walked closer to him.  It didn’t effect him at all.  So finally I said, “hello.”  The little dear looked up and looked all around, searching for the sound.  But not looking at me, even though I was smack in front of him!!  So then I said “hi,” again and finally he found me.  He stared at me for about 2 seconds, and then turned away and trotted into the forest.  Stupid little dear!  So lucky for him that I wasn’t a hunter.

I haven’t seen an otter yet.  My mom says she thinks an otter ate all the fish in our pond.  She said it was so big it was almost the size of a small seal.  So now I regularly have dreams with talking seal-sized otters in them.

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10 Responses to “Alarm Clock on Wings”

  1. Dustin Says:

    Except for all your internet issues I always hear you talk about, it sounds like you live in what I would nearly describe as my dream area!

    When I lived just outside Philadelphia, we had a robin that did the same thing. Day after day after day he would just fly into a large picture window over and over and over again. I don’t know what he was trying to accomplish, but he sure was determined! He would hit the window and then fly back to his branch and look at the window for a while and then do it agian. It was nuts!

  2. Anna Says:

    Factually if you drive 10 minutes down the road you can get broadband. Just my luck 🙂 But at least there is a great Internet Cafe across from the beach (which is in Internet territory as well).

    I finally looked into the robin problem – it sees its reflection and thinks it is another bird so is trying to fight it out of its territory. Maybe that’s why it is always early morning – early morning sun reflections. If you Google it you find people asking about this on Yahoo answers. Pretty funny. Its just like you say – they keep going at it, over and over unless you chase them away. Haha. Does seem pretty nuts when you first see it, doesn’t it!!

  3. Kev Says:

    Its just starting to hint at spring here in Ohio. I have even seen Robins already. Guess their trying to get another early start building their nests. I love the wildlife to. In fact all of God’s creatures. Nice article…thanks.


  4. Megan Says:

    Thanks Kev. Hope they don’t bang into your windows too much …

  5. David Clark Says:

    It is indeed starting in Michigan finally. The birds are waking me up instead of snow shovels and plows. And I also love otters, used to have one come up and eat our minnows we planned to use to fish. Hope you get to see one soon.

  6. Megan Says:

    @Kev – Great to hear spring is coming over there! I hope they don’t bump their heads too hard though … we are starting to see and feel spring in Oregon as well …

  7. Megan Says:

    @David – I guess I’d prefer birds any morning, above snow shovels. Especially if I had to go outside that day … I love otters too!

  8. windsurfing Says:

    Do you live near the woods? It sounds like you are in the perfect place for nature lovers 🙂 Anyways, it is better to have a few animals around than waking up every morning with the sound of car burnouts in your ears…

  9. Kyle Says:

    We had a bird attack our window on a regular basis, unfortunately it hit the window to hard one time, and killed itself.

  10. Megan Says:

    @Kyle – sad when that happens.

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