About This Blog

I have many blogs.  I have poetry blogs, I have a photography blog, I have blogs about my business, and I have blogs about subjects I promote.  While several of these blogs contain varying elements of my personal life, it remains that until now I have never had a purely personal blog.

The poetry blogs I have contain my poetry, mixed in with the poetry of others.  The photography blog I have is a very temporary affair on blogger.com, and I have put little work into it as I knew for a long time that I needed to eventually transfer it to my own self-hosted WordPress blog.  I created one blog which I wanted to dedicate to my experiences in gradually building up residual income online. 

And while it is sometimes very appropriate to include very personal stories in such blogs, it is not the same thing as having a fully personal blog.  I realized I wanted a place where I could write about anything – whether it be a bike ride I was planning, a movie I loved, a YouTube video, my frustration with spiders, or a walk in the dark.

Since I was young I loved to write, but what I feel like writing is not always what needs to be written at the moment, at least not within the frameworks of such limited subjects as poetry, solar energy, photography, and Internet Marketing.

This blog will also contain dedicated sections where I will be able to post my poetry as well as my photography.  There might be times when business related posts appear on this blog, and when personal posts appear on my others. 

As time goes on, I will see how it all works out.