June 18, 2013


Not Much of an Update

I don’t have time to update my enormous readership on everything that has occurred since my last blog post over 3 years ago. Not at the moment. I will simply say that I live at home, I work at home, my husband and I expand our businesses every day, and when I am not working […]

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April 21, 2010


The Eagle at Hidden Falls

A couple of months ago my husband took some footage of one of the bald eagles that we tend to see in late winter or early spring. This eagle was across the river behind the house, perched above the waterfall. They like to fish from there as well. I love it when we see eagles […]

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February 24, 2010


Finally Something to Write About

A lot has happened since I last posted on this blog, but nothing that I felt like posting on this blog. I suppose anything I had to say was either too personal, or too business. My online business has been expanding and experiencing all varieties of twists and turns. Living arrangements and long term plans […]

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November 24, 2009


Koko and Nutmeg Playing Ping Pong

A video of Koko and Nutmeg playing ping pong in 2009. This video footage was edited by my husband the amazing video editor. Original footage by my mother the amazing cinematographer.

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August 21, 2009


Why I Haven’t Posted and the Elephant Who Draws Better than Me

I want to tell you about the elephant who draws better than me. Now, I admit it, that’s not saying much. I mean, really no competition there. Some people were born to draw, some people weren’t.

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